Spa Witz Mission
Spa Witz will be the Spa of choice for the community,  my colleagues, and all travelers.  This Spa will be free from judgement, sales pitches, and gimmicks.  Spa Witz is dedicated to treating each person individualy.  No two bodies are alike, and will not be treated with a standard massage or facial.  Spa Witz is invested in listening to your needs and utilizing many skill sets to achieve the goals we create together.  Spa Witz will be a place to get away and relax from a world.  Spa Witz is a clean, modern, and uplifting space where you will be treated respectfully.  Spa Witz will be educated on current trends and techniques to improve the skills and treatments for each person.  Spa Witz will use eco-friendly products, recycle, and conserve energy where we can.  Spa Witz is a pet free enviroment, free of allergans.   Spa Witz is open to suggestions, comments and is always looking to improve.
 Spa Witz Values







And to have Courage and be Kind...

About Me

My name is Elizabeth Bingham Scadden.  Being a Massage Therapist and a Master Esthetician has always been one of the best parts of my life.   I am orginally from Glendora, California. I have a love for Disney that is unmatched.  I moved to Utah when I was 12 years old. I grew up in American Fork until graduating high school.   I then attened  BYU-Idaho & UVSC to get an Associates in Behavioral Science.  I went on to massage school at Utah College of Massage Therapy and have never looked back.   How did I get into massage?  

It all started when I was 19 and got my first massage. It was so exciting because I had received a gift card from my mother.  It was going to be the best day ever!  My therapist came in the room and preceded to give me a massage.  There were many things that happened in my hour service that kept me from relaxing and letting go.   Needless to say it wasn't what I had hoped for and I was unsatisfied with my care.  After getting that massage, I went home and really thought about why that treatment wasn't relaxing.  

What was wrong with my expectations? 
Why didn't I get the massage I wanted?
Could I do massage?  
Would I be in tune with all the little details that make a massage amazing? 

That experience was the catalyst when I realized that YES, I could do massage therapy.  I would listen to my clients.  I would make it a relaxing environment.  I could be great at this!
I started my massage career at Sego Lily Day Spa in Midvale, UT in 2004.   A beautiful space where I got to hone in on my own skills and become confident.  Working there for 8 years I became the Spa Trainer and helped many others on their journey into massage.  I spent a year working for the University of Utah, under a massage study program that allowed me to massage pre-mature babies.  That year I learned how much massage can truly help those that I lay my hands on.  I traveled for 6 months after that and worked at Honu You Spa in Kanehoe, Hawaii.  What a joy it was to work for such a wonderful family, to get to know the locals and feel like  part of a team.  I worked for Grand America Hotel Spa in Salt Lake City, UT,  Hotel Park City in Park City, UT and now currently at Montage Deer Valley in Park City, UT. 

I have been working at Montage Deer Valley for 9 years now and have been the Lead Therapist for 2 years.  With my leadership experience at Montage Deer Valley I could help my peers and understand more about what I wanted to do with my career.  In the end, l learned that the only way to really help everyone would be to open my own space.  Spa Witz then came into mind, and finding the right place was now the goal.​​​​

I recently married my sweetheart, David Scadden, over 3 years ago and got a bonus step daughter, Coco, who is 8 yrs old.  She is an amazing girl with passion, drive, and personality that I look up to.  We moved into our new home in the Patio Springs area of Eden, and have recently finished our basement into a wonderful inviting Spa.  Spa Witz has become a living dream of mine. I have poured my heart and soul into this project.  I cannot wait to share it with you!​

About the SpA

Spa Witz has a beautiful brand new modern studio.  This isn’t just your regular home spa room.  Trust me, I have been in many home massage rooms that felt like an after thought and that is not what Spa Witz is.  Spa Witz was built from the ground up in our unfinished basement.  The planning, design, and flow was all thought through when constructing Spa Witz in June of 2017.  Completing the project in November 2017, it was made to feel like you are in a Resort Spa. 
"Welcome" isn’t just the feeling you have, its also written on the door.  You walk into music, a calming aroma, and a warm greeting from me, Elizabeth.  A tour of the space and a quick form to fill out and you are almost ready to relax.  I have a beautifully situated refreshment area complete with flavored water, teas, chocolates, mints, and all the fixings. Above the refreshments are the retail products that I carry for purchase.  Beautiful organic, rich, carefully chosen products are there for you to enjoy.  All the products lines that I carry, I also use on  myself.  If i dont  love it, I wont sell it.
 The bathroom next to the studio is anything but your average guest bath.  It come’s fully equip with a Steam Shower!  Eco-Friendly dual showerheads that mist you while you enjoy the steam and organic products to use while showering off for your treatment.  If there was anything you could possible need, you would find it in the cabinets of the bathroom. Stocked with everything from a hair dryer, deodorant, contact solution, makeup removers, brushes, shower caps, hair products and much more.  The feeling of being taken care of hits you before you even reach the massage bed. 
The Spa room itself was a master plan from the beginning.  With its 3 layers of insulated, noise canceling, and sound proofing that we put into the room, so you would always have a quiet place to be.  To a small floating sink that tucks into the corner of the room and the large floor to ceiling drapes that cover the window, you feel that this room was made for relaxation.  Candles, soft ambient lighting, premium sound system, hot towel & oil warmers, and 50+ essential oils is what makes your service different than any other "home spa" treatment you've had.   The heated massage bed isn’t bad either, with its soft microfiber sheets and the cozy down comforter topped with a handmade wool nitted blanket, this bed is a 10 out of 10.  This is the Spa room.  Spa Witz is that place you have been looking for. You will be listened to, heard, acknowledged, accepted, relaxed, and nurtured.  Pause your world for a while and come relax.​

My Certifications

  • Utah College of Massage Therapy.  900 hr Master Bodyworker Program. Graduated 2004.
  • Cameo College of Essential Beauty. 1200 hr Master Esthetician Program.  Graduated 2007.
  • ASTECC- Massage Therapy 304hr Program.  Studied on Hydrotherapy, Thalassotherapy, Mud and Fango, Thermastone, Connective Tissue, AromaReflex, Refelxology, Chemical Elemenets, Endo/Ecto/Meso Body Compositions, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and case studies applying these methods.
  • ASTECC- Esthetic 262hr Program.  Hydrotherapy, Thalassotherapy, Mud and Fango, Thermastone, Connective Tissue, AromaReflex, Reflexology, Chemical Elements, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and case studies applying these methods.
  • Thai Yoga Massage-  40hr program.  Levels 1 & 2.  
  • Watsu - 100 hr Program-  Levels 1 & 2 WABR Progrm.
  • Dr. Vodder Lymphatic Drainage.  Vodder Certified MLD/CDT Therapist. 250 hr program.