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Let's make choosing the right massage easier for you!  Pick your time amount, and leave the rest to me! The following styles will be incorportated into your massage:  Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Thai Yoga, Dr. Vodder's Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Aromatherapy, Connective Tissue, Acupressure, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral, Sports, Hot Stone, Hydrotherapy, Thalassotherapy, Raindrop Therapy.... and more!  I do offer an awesome Maternity Massage as well!

*60 minute  $100    
*90 minute  $135
*120 minute  $175

*All prices include Gratuity.
**Prices are based on 1st visit.  Monthly/Weekly discounted rates available.
***Monthly Pre-paid packages of 6/12 months are available.

Whole Body Healing

Blending Massage and a Facial together creates a whole body healing from head to toe. With my 15+ years of expertise and advanced training certifications through ASTECC, Dr. Vodders School of Manual Lymph Drainage, Cameo Master Esthetician program, I offer an experience for you to relax and leave everything to me.  This is my FAVORITE treatment to give. I have just enough time to make sure your needs are all addressed, and your relaxation is, of course, guaranteed!

*60 minutes $110
*90 minutes $145
*120 minutes  $185​

*All Prices Include gratuity.
Couples Massage

A fully customized massage experience developed to address your specific concerns and goals. We draw wisdom from a spectrum of spa therapies to create an unforgettable experience. Couples massages are booked at least one week in advance. Please email me directly at with a specific time and date. I will accommodate what I can and get back to you within 48hrs.

*60 minute  $200  
*90 minute  $275

*All prices include gratuity
**Priced per couple.​​

 Mother’s Day Package 

Mothers need alot of love and care.  Our Mother's Day package has everything you need to forget about thoes adorable little ones, and take care of yourself.  

*60 minute massage
*Cooling Cucumber facial mask
*Lime or Lavender stimulating scalp treatment
*Hot towels on feet and back
*A delicious
chocolate and refreshing Citrus water
*90 minute  $115
Facials ​
Every facial is fully customized for your individual skincare needs.  I use high quality Organic and Clinical Skincare products to achieve  the results you are looking for.  Pain-Free extrations using Ultrasonic Technology make your facial even more beneficial.  LED Light therapy and/or Microcurrent therapy is used when needed for the ultimate experience!  Choose the amount of time, and lets talk about what I can do to bring your inner beauty to the outside!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

*60 minute  $100 
*90 minute  $135
*120 minute  $175

*All prices include gratuity
**Prices are based on 1st visit. Monthly discounted rates available.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels: Effective in improving fine lines and wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage, acne, and the overall appearance of every skin types.  A series of treatments with proper home care will enhance results.  Light flaking due to deeper exfoliation lasting 3-4 days may occur. Recovery time will be around 7-10 days. Sunblock is applied at least 2 weeks post treatment.

*45 minute $120 -  All peels include home care products which is... 
 $100 Savings - while supplies last!
*All prices include gratuity

**SPA WITZ DEAL! Chemcial Peel Series of 3...
Starts at $270!  ($100 Savings)


Microdermabrasion treatments use a minimally abrasive instrument to gently sand your skin, removing the thicker, uneven outer layer. This type of skin rejuvenation is used to treat light scarring, discoloration, sun damage and stretch marks. Improving skin's texture and resulting in a refreshed appearance.  Sunblock is a must after this service.

*45 minute $100  

*All prices include gratuity.

**SPA WITZ DEAL! Microderm Series of 3...
Starts at $210!  ($100 Savings)


Aging Skin?  MircoPeel has it all starting with a  Microdermabrasion  follow by a Chemcial Peel. You skin has never glowed like this! The best of the best treatments comdine.  Recovery time will be around 7-10 days, whgich includes light flaking of the skin and redness.  Suncreen is applied 2 weeks post treatment.

*90 minute $130

*All prices include gratuity

**SPA WITZ DEAL!  MicroPeel Series of 3...
Starts at $300!  ($100 Savings)


Brow Shaping  $25
Brow Maintaince $15
Lip / Chin $15 each
Nose / Ear $10 each
Full Face $40
Underarm $30 


Brow Tint $20
Lash Tint $30

*All prices include gratuity.